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What is RKM International, Ltd. and MIH?


What is TOBE America, and HMA?



Who are HMA Clients?

How does it work?



What is the difference between online dating or dating services vs. matchmaking consulting firm?

What makes HMA better than other matchmaking service in Hawaii?

What is the success rate for HMA?

I don’t want to pay to meet someone?

Men and women who retain a service like this must be desperate and something is wrong with them.

What is TOBE America, Inc. and HMA? I am embarrassed or ashamed to go through a matchmaker.

Is the price different from men and women?

I have used other services in the past and they were disappointments. I also have friends who have told me horror stories of their own.



TOBE America, Inc. is the name of our corporation. We are doing business as (dba) Honolulu Matchmaking Agency (HMA).



Currently we are servicing over 2000 clients. They are from various ethnic backgrounds, age group (ranging from 21 to 85), and professions. Our rich, diversified clientele base is why we are successful in matchmaking.

With the online dating or dating services, you have to base your selection upon data, profile, video, photo, etc that are provided. However, statistics says that 93% of users misrepresent something about them in online profile. Some are still in committed relationships. We believe that as users of online dating sites, they are marketing themselves on their own through the sites: therefore, written biographies are usually exaggerated and less appealing characteristics are often not included. Naturally, the likelihood of what you see is not what you get is high in online dating, and we would not recommend you taking that risk. Also for a large number of people, their confidentiality is very valuable. With online dating, your profile is for the masses to see. That is why Honolulu Matchmaking Agency assures confidentiality and retains services from high profile professionals who would like to keep personal information confidential.

Another characteristic of online dating or dating services is that only the selected users receive enough attention from others while everyone paid for the service equally. Discouragingly they are the ones who do generally well in other social settings as well. However, at Honolulu Matchmaking Agency, each client receives attention and care equally. Your chance of success is higher at a matchmaking consulting firm.

Have you been able to go on dates with at least 10 individuals who can truly measure up to your strict preferences and physical requirements in past 12 months? If the answer is no, why not take a break from the systems that failed to produce results and give us a try instead?



We are the longest running agency in Hawaii with over 12 years of experience and expertise. During the 12 years of operation, we have developed a large clientele base which is very critical in successful matchmaking.



Our success rate is around 83%, and it is rather high. Whether your goal is marriage or an exclusive relationship, our service takes you beyond simply meeting new people. Our sole purpose is to introduce you to a sufficient number of professionally pre-qualified individuals who are more likely to be suitable matches according to your preference.



We understand. However, do you expect to receive a professional service from your doctor, accountant, lawyer or financial adviser free of charge? You hire a qualified professional you feel most comfortable with and pay an appropriate fee. A matchmaking service, like other professional services, is an investment for a better, more fulfilling future.



This is not at all true. This is usually a misconception of someone who has no idea what a modern matchmaker or matchmaking consulting firm offers due to the stigma attached back in the days. Times have really changed and we would like you to experience it on your own.



It’s more dignified and safe. You don’t have to suffer the awkward indignity of blind dating or barhopping. With a matchmaker, you are guaranteed to meet people who you would want to meet. Moreover, your dates are as excited to meet you as you are. No more singles events, clubs or mixers with no guarantee of who you meet or if they will measure up.





HMA, men and women go through the same process, procedure and prices.

Just like there are dentists that are not as skilled as they should be or lawyers that have notorious reputations, there are some matchmakers with unsatisfactory service level. However, there are also good matchmakers that are making positive contributions to people’s lives. We hope that your past disappointments would not prevent you from experiencing joy of dating and finding a true match at Honolulu Matchmaking Agency.