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Difference between Honolulu Matchmaking Agency and Online Dating

Some reasons why many people try online dating are the reasonable costs and the at-home convenience.


Also, they appreciate the convenience of being able to select women/ gentlemen whom they may prefer from photographs.

Have you tried online dating before?

Those who answered “yes” probably already know this, but it takes a great deal of time and many e-mails before actually going on a real date.  And many times no date even materializes.


The biggest concern is that the other party may be giving false information.


Users of online dating sites must market themselves through that site. The biographies are exaggerated and what could be perceived as unattractive features are omitted.


Needless to say, there is a high probability that the differences between the posted photo and the real person are immense.


A person may say, “I am 34 years-old and have no children,” only to find out, after exchanging e-mails every day for 3 months, that the other person is actually 44 years-old with two children. What a big shock!

It becomes a complete waste of time.

The true identity, court history and criminal record of the other person are usually the most worrisome details.  In other words, even after many e-mail exchanges with this stranger, the risk remains very high.


Additionally, confidentiality is of utmost importance for most people.  However, with online dating, profiles and photographs can be viewed by anyone.  That may not be the ideal situation for those living on a small island like Hawaii where everyone is somehow linked to… everyone.


Honolulu Matchmaking Agency, on the other hand, protects your personal information.  That is the main reason why people in Hawaii who are most concerned with confidentiality sign up with us.

And the most significant difference is the success rate!

Currently, the success rate of online dating is said to be only 7-9%.  Despite sending countless  e-mails to however many people, there may be no replies.  And many have said that despite all those e-mails, an actual  date never actually happens.






Honolulu Matchmaking Agency ensures that you will have a real date.  HMA performs detailed  background checks to confirm that all information is accurate in order to provide trustworthy dates.



HMA is able to maintain a high success rate of 83%.