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What can a professional matchmaking service do for you ?

HMA Features

The differences between HMA and other matchmaking and online dating services:

1.HMA is the only company in Hawaii offering matchmaking services to locals.

2.As an industry first, HMA incorporates the psychology-based Egogram into its matchmaking system.

3.HMA is the largest matchmaking company in Hawaii with the most members.

4.HMA is a pioneer for matchmaking in Hawaii with over 21 years of experience.

5.Due to HMA’s strict background check, members can meet based on accurate information.

6.HMA provides enhanced support at all stages of relationships, from the first date all the way through to marriage.

7.Among Hawaii matchmaking services, HMA holds the highest success rate.

8.Personal information is securely protected. (There is no need to provide personal information and photos on the Internet.)









No Obligation Consultation

No Obligation Consultation

No Obligation Consultation

Honolulu Matchmaking Agency offers a free, personal and confidential consultation with no obligation.As it is by appointment only, please call us in advance to book your free consultation.

Three reasons for a free consultation:


1.You can confirm for yourself that we are a proper and legitimate business.  Nobody would hire an attorney, CPA or financial adviser just from a Website or telephone call.  You would visit the office first just to be sure, right?  As such, we want you to visit our office to see for yourself that we are competent and experienced professionals who can assist you with your relationship.


2.We would like to explain our services and system to you.  Together, we can discuss the differences between our company and other options, our members’ demographics, how we arrange dates, our statistics and success rate, as well as details of our 4 membership plans.


3.We can discuss your preferences.  Based on the information you provide, we can assess whether we can assist you with full capacity.


And the most important part of the free consultation for you is…?


Our professional matchmaking staff can get to know you directly, face-to-face, and you will then see how we can provide exceptional service based on your preferences.


The free consultation takes about 60 minutes.

Background Check

The biggest concern with meeting someone for the first date is the other person’s true identity.

Not only is it uncertain that the information provided by the other person is accurate, but you can’t be sure about their criminal record either.


A great deal of time is needed to really get to know the other person (and obtain important   information).  Even if you seem to hit it off with the other person, the risk is very high, because in reality, they are still a stranger to you.




With information gathered from strict background checks, Honolulu Matchmaking Agency can provide reliable introductions with certainty.

HMA Dating System


There are 3 ways that HMA arranges matches for members:

・Members choose matches from photos and profiles. (Photos will be disclosed.)

・HMA members can be chosen by other members.

・HMA suggests introductions based on various data.



When several potential introductions are determined based on the above three methods, HMA will contact you. Upon receiving consent from both parties, HMA will then arrange the first date with consideration of both members’ schedules.



The female client will decide the meeting location, and the male client will decide where they should go.  (The first date is always in a public place, and preferably for coffee or a cocktail.)

Date Arrangement


The first step after becoming a member begins with a private interview process by one of our counselors.


By having a clear understanding of your preferences, we, as professional matchmakers, can increase your chances of finding the right person.


We will discuss all the information regarding the members chosen via the HMA dating system with you, and if we receive your approval, we will then contact the members and arrange your dates.


You decide the day, the time, and the location.  Our counselors will then arrange your dates. There are no dating hassles for you.


All of our members say that if they knew that dating and meeting new people could be so easy,

they would have joined HMA sooner !  We believe this is a testament to how smooth and easy our process is.

Features of HMA Dating - Part 1

A big advantage of dating through HMA is that you can meet and date various people at the same time!


When meeting and dating several people, first and foremost, please enjoy the romance then determine for yourself what type of person you are comfortable with.

This is an essential factor in finding a long-term relationship.


Why not start dating through HMA and meet people whom you normally could not meet on your own?

Features of HMA Dating - Part 2 (Secret of Success)

In order to increase your chances of meeting “the one,” it is of utmost importance to meet people with the same goal of wanting a long-term relationship.


We customize our introductions according to our members’ preferences.


In other words, we give each of our members individual treatment.  It is our responsibility to arrange the first dates based on each member’s preferences and schedules.


Soon after the date, usually on the following day, we gather feedback from each member and evaluate it from a professional point of view.  If the date was mutually successful, we will swiftly assist in moving the relationship forward.  Of course, we will continue to assist with counseling and advice along the way as requested.

Because our counselors get to know each of our clients on a personal level, we can support them with utmost confidence.


Men and women seeking long-term relationships can trust with certainty in HMA to provide a convenient way to date while protecting their privacy.  HMA is the only firm which can offer this.

Honolulu Matchmaking Agency does not engage in “mass production”, has no franchises, and is not an online dating service.  HMA is a professional firm which has set a new standard in the matchmaking industry.

Relationship Counseling

When building a long-term relationship with your partner, you are sure to encounter various questions and problems along the way.



What do you do when this happens?


Some people may confide with their family, friends, or acquaintances.  There are also topics that you don’t want to share with your family and friends.  More importantly, the closer the confidant is to you, the more biased their opinions will be.  In most cases, they cannot provide you with objective and correct advice.


Some people choose to solve their problems on their own.  However, if you are unable to talk to someone, it may create a stressful situation, which will grow and grow in a vicious cycle.

That is why HMA has professional counselors.

We have both male and female counselors.  We want to hear your thoughts first.  Of course, we observe strict confidentiality! !  The first step to solving problems is to talk about them.


Share your thoughts with us and let us provide you with an objective analysis based on our past data and experience.  Not only do we want to hear the current problems, we want to discuss about baggage from past relationships, important factors for choosing a new partner, how not to repeat past failures, etc.


HMA counselors provide the tools for you to build a happy relationship.


Precisely because we are relationship professionals, we are confident that the advice we provide for our members is certainly the best advice.  With that in mind, the objective of our counseling is for our members to meet the right person and to coach our members on the skills and tools needed in order to keep their love forever.

E-mail Exchange Program

By request from our members, MH has made more introductions possible through our E-mail exchange program.


This is recommended for those who:


・Want to meet more people

・Want to get to know someone through e-mail before meeting in person

・Want to increase chances to meet new people

・Are so busy with work, they do not have much time to date

・May feel intimidated to meet someone for a blind date

・Wish to get to know someone in the comfort of their own home



For those who do not live on Oahu (or in Hawaii)…


Do you think you can use MH’s services even though you live on a neighbor island

or on the Mainland?


You can still have the risk-free opportunity to connect with our MH members through

the E-mail exchange service.


Even though you may begin your membership with MH and start E-mail exchanges with other MH members, your actual term of membership (6 or 12 months) will not begin until your first date in Honolulu.




This is recommended for those who:


・Want to casually meet more people.

・Want to get to someone through e-mail before meeting them.

・Want more chances to meet people.

・Are so busy with work, they do not have much time to date.

・May feel intimidated to blindly meet someone.

・Wish to get to someone in the comfort of their own home.










NEW-Skype Dating Program

New to 2016, in order to better meet everyone’s needs, we have created a new system.



This system is recommended for those who:


・Want to meet more people in a casual setting

・Would rather not spend time exchanging E-mails

・Would like to see the person and talk to them before meeting them

・Want to increase the chances to meet new people

・Are so busy with work, they do not have much time to date

・May feel intimidated to meet someone for a blind date

・Like to be at home to talk at their own convenience

・Would like to keep the expenses for dating at a minimum



Why not increase your dating opportunities with Skype at a time and place that is convenient for you?


Many MH members are already using Skype for their communications.  Skype is free to download and available to converse for free all over the world.


Using your Webcam, you can easily “date” on Skype, and, if you hit it off, you can then proceed to a face-to-face meeting.


Furthermore, our Skype dating system is also recommended for those who may not live on Oahu but would like to contact MH members and increase their dating opportunities.


In addition to regular dating, many of our members enjoy the added benefit of Skype dating.

Why not try?  You have nothing to lose!


This is also highly recommended for those who do not

live on Oahu (Hawaii)!