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Our Process


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Please feel free to contact us by either telephone or e-mail.


Free Consultation


We can provide a free consultation at any time. The consultation is absolutely free with no obligation.


How It Works, Our Service


We will explain how we are different from other companies, our membership base, how our own unique matchmaking system leads to success, and our success rate.


Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Also, let us know about yourself and what type of person you are seeking. After you join, we can use this information to accurately determine how to best assist you.


Your information is kept strictly confidential.


Becoming a Member


After completing the necessary documents to become a member, a criminal background check, which takes 48 hours, will be performed. If all is clear, the membership process is complete.




Upon becoming a member, the following 2-hour process will take place.


1.We will interview you and create your profile.


2.We will find out your preferences for your ideal match.


3.We will administer a personality test (Egogram) to analyze how you think, your values, and behavioral patterns.


4.We will show you pictures of our current members.


5.We will take your photograph.


Within one week we will begin with your first introduction!




1.Your choices from photographs and profiles

2.Getting chosen from your photo and profile

3.Recommendations from Honolulu Matchmaking Agency


We will contact members that have been selected based on the above. You are always free to accept or decline. After both members agree to see each other, we will arrange a date for a day and time that suits your schedules.


Female members decide where to meet, while male members decide where to go for the date. For the first date, we recommend a casual coffee or cocktail date.


Would you like to know the dating experiences of Honolulu Matchmaking Agency members?





The success rate of Honolulu Matchmaking Agency is so high because of our unique feedback system and our method of accurately measuring the chemistry between the male and female members.


We require feedback from both members within 48 hours of the date. This feedback is of utmost importance to more accurately find your ideal partner. We will use this feedback to help determine the next introduction.


Our goal is to introduce you to “the one” as soon as possible.


Start Dating



Through Honolulu Matchmaking Agency, you can meet several people within the same time frame. And there is no rule saying you must focus on just one person after several dates with him or her.


However, should two members decide to become a Honolulu Matchmaking Agency couple, we will suspend new introductions for both. Please continue to contact us while dating.


Making arrangements for introductions is not the only service that Honolulu Matchmaking Agency provides for members. Even after dating begins, we continue to provide relationship advice as necessary. Please leave it all to our professional relationship counselors.

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